Oh shit, she’s up

“Oh shit she’s up!” – The Devil

Hey you,

How have you been going? It’s time for a little check in with yourself.

When you wake up in the morning are you hitting the snooze button or do your feet hit the floor and even the devil himself knows your up?

Did you know your morning really does set you up for your whole day?!

There has been a video floating around the internet of a solider saying “make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning” so no matter what happens during your day you achieved something!

Have you got a morning ritual that sets you up for the day?

I personally get up turn the heater on let Meeko (puppy) out for the toilet, make a coffee and sit in silence for a moment visualizing my day. I do this for about 5 mins and then I go for a 25 – 30min walk with Meeko in the crisp morning air.

Now I know if I DON’T do this I find myself all day stressing over little things and becoming a realWORRIER! Eg. “There’s not enough water in the coffee machine, I’ve ruined it for good omg I’m going to have to spend $1000’s on a new on, Dwayne is going to kill me, how are we ever going to buy a house?! How am I going to be able to raise a child one day?!?!”

All of that just over some water? Wow that snowballed….
Compared to a morning when all rituals are done like today: “I am having a freaking awesome day, food is going down great, coffee and tea’s are fabulous, oops forgot needed more water fill it up again. Feeling heaps in flow today and slowly ticking off each of my task’s I would like to do plus a few extra!”

You see in the morning we really do set our whole day up and if you are one who keeps hitting the snooze button what message are you sending out not just yourself but your kids, your friends, your boss, your family even the universe?

“Nah I don’t want that promotion give it to Barry”

“Nah the kids activities aren’t worth me getting up for I’d rather have the extra sleep”

“Anything good coming my way I’m happy to just let it slip past and sleep”

Look I’m not saying I’m perfect it has taken me a lot of month’s to work this shit out, I allowed event’s that had occurred get the upper hand on me and it really wasn’t until I looked in the mirror and asked my reflection “WHAT THE F#@K DO YOU WANT?!?!” did things begin to change.

After yelling at my reflection and scaring my poor puppy awake I grabbed my jacket and went outside in the FREEZING cold wind and allowed my sub conscious mind to flow free and visualize everything that I wanted in life and as I went deeper into the moment the more clearer the visions became and the more I started to notice what the rest of my body was doing, I could feel my heart rate slowing down, I could feel my anxiety slowly easing, I could feel the negative feeling’s I was holding onto slowly dissolve and I began to feel a warm sensation inside and a feeling of freedom and been in control slowly return.

All of this because I refused to keep hitting the snooze.