Top 7 tips to get through the Xmas Season without destroying your results!!

Okay, end of year festive season is well and truly here, Christmas is only 5 days away…
With many of us getting invites daily and our phones going off with notification’s from event’s we RSVP’d “yes” to month’s ago a lot of you have said about putting your health and fitness goal’s on “pause” until the new year when it’s a “better time” less temptation, less stress -insert sappy reason here-.

Can I get a face palm please!

So this time of year is not like it is something new, it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming, okay yes if you are anything like me you are 100% wondering where did this year go… HOWEVER WE STILL KNEW THE FESTIVE SEASON WOULD STILL COME!!!…

So why is it everyone is acting so surprised and shocked that it’s here?

Why is everyone losing their mind’s??

Since when did we decide that putting our goals on “pause” till a less stressful, more convenient time was an actual legitimate thing?
When is this magical time? Where is this magical space people speak of where everything is just perfect? No stress’s or obligation’s and everything is just convenient?

Seriously.. When and where is it?

From what I know and have experienced personally and speaking with many people, there is never the perfect time, there is never a time where everything is running exactly how you want it in all area’s of your life, there is no “convenient” time…

“Just wish I had more time in a day” – general pubic member

Okay here’s a tip… head to Bunning’s go out to the plant’s and seed’s buy some Thyme and grow it..

POOF! You now have more Thyme…

All jokes aside, you don’t need to put your goals on “pause” and you don’t have to not enjoy yourself
over the festive season. (Also just remember we all have the exact same 24hours in a day we just use each of them
differently) But to get through this period with as little damage as possible here are my Top 10 Tip’s!

1) Keep to your schedule, whether you write things down in a diary or schedule appointments in your phone… Book in when you are going to go for a walk, book in when you want to train. Make appointments with yourself and stick to them!!

2) Drive, get into the festive spirit by offering to be the driver to event’s and get togethers by doing so you are forced to limit your alcohol intake. As we know alcohol is a sure way in slowing down and going backwards with your results.

3) Drink water, if you just can’t not have a few drinks to get you through an evening with your work mates or in law’s and are NOT driving make every second drink a 500ml bottle of water (a whole one not just a sip..)

4) It’s okay to say “NO!”, it is okay to say no. It is okay to skip the dessert it is okay not to eat the mound’s of food your great aunty has pilled up on your plate, it’s okay to not drink. Just don’t be rude about it.

5) PLAN! Yes it’s the cliché plan plan plan, but seriously if you are serious about not going backwards PLAN when you are going to eat out and make sure every other meal is compliant.

6) Skip the high cal drinks, thing’s like your soft drinks, cocktails, beers, mixed spirits are all calorie dense. Try drinks that are the no sugar, infused teas and for you drinkers out there try sticking to the red wines and vodka, soda and limes

7) Walk, research has shown going for a brisk 10min walk after eating aid’s in digestion. Plus moving around will make you feel better.

So there you have it, my Top 7 Tips to make it through the festive season.
What do you think?

Just remember to keep thing’s simple, allow yourself to enjoy a slice Christmas pudding or pavlova just don’t go over board with it and eat the whole 3 plates nanna made and the huge bowl of custard that if it wasn’t Christmas and you saw it you would ask yourself “since when did nanna decide to do all the catering for the 3 month cruise she’s going on?”

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year and we can’t wait to see you in 2019!!